Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Bikes

Every year there seems to be a rash of bike thefts in Conshohocken, especially from the condo and apartment communities along the river. A resident of The Grande posted to MoreThanTheCurve.com’s Facebook page recently seeking information after he discovered his bike was stolen (the post has since been taken down). According to the Conshohocken Police (based on the second story we link to below), the thefts usually start in June.

Either way, bike theft has been a continual problem in Conshy over the years. In 1999, a councilperson proposed a town watch to help stymie the problem. In 2011, the Conshohocken Police Department requested the public’s assistance after 10 bikes were stolen.

So keep your bikes safe. If anyone has any advice on how to prevent theft, feel free to share.