Have You Heard the Racket Being Made by SEPTA in the Middle of the Night?

A reader asked us if we knew what the slow moving and very noisy train was going through Conshy last night. There were also people along side the train and lots of lights. He had witnessed a similar situation several other times over the past month or so.

We emailed SEPTA this morning to see if it was involved and it is a SEPTA project. Below is a statement we received back:

It is SEPTA. We are replacing the overhead catenary wire on the Norristown Line. The slow moving train is a four-car wire train working from Conshohocken to Shawmont replacing wire. The crew will be out working Sunday night thru Thursday nights until summer of next year.

So there you have it.

UPDATE – SEPTA sent us some more info. It is below:

Norristown Line Catenary Replacement:
This is a multi-year program for both #1 & #2 tracks. Presently we are replacing the catenary system between Conshohocken and River Interlocking on tracks #1. Additionally, we will complete the new Miquon Layoff just north of Miquon Station.

The Norristown OCS replacement is scheduled through June 30th 2015, the end of the fiscal year,  but there is additional work on the line that will be programed into the next FY.

Currently we are working between Conshohocken  and Shawmont (in Philadelphia). We will be taking down the old trolley wire, accessories and supporting insulators and replacing them with new. The work in this area is scheduled to be finished by October of 2015. Once this work is completed we will be doing the same type of work between Shawmont and Green (both within Philadelphia) through October of 2016.