Harriet Wetherill Park Receives $125,000 Grant from State

Earlier this week, Governor Tom Wolf announced $14 million in funding through the Commonwealth Financing Authority, which included $125,000 to Plymouth Township for improvements at Harriet Wetherill Park.  The funds come from the Act 13 Marcellus Legacy Fund (fracking).

“Using fee revenue collected from unconventional gas wells, Act 13 supports statewide environmental projects – from flood control, to sewage treatment, to greenways, trails and recreation – that help improve, protect, and conserve Pennsylvania’s natural beauty and well-being,” said Governor Wolf. “We anticipate a tremendous, positive impact that can be witnessed and shared by communities across the state as a result of these investments.”

In 2014 Plymouth Township received a grant of $256,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Conversation and Natural Resources for the rehabilitation of the park. This funding went to fixing up a barn for a place to hold environmental and education and exhibit space, bathrooms, a pavilion, installation of playground equipment and surfacing, ADA access, landscaping, signage, etc.

The township recently held a grand opening for the park. The photo above is of the new playground equipment.

Photo: Plymouth Township Facebook Page