Harmonville Fire Company Sets Sights on New Volunteers with Four-Year Recruitment Campaign

The Harmonville Fire Company in Plymouth Meeting has launched a campaign to recruit volunteers. Firefighting has historically relied on volunteers and due to a variety of reasons the number of volunteers has dwindled over the year.

From the press release:

With the key values of honor, family and community, Harmonville Fire Company hopes to find likeminded people to volunteer in various roles at the historic company, which began in 1924.  The busy fire company offers opportunities to fight fires in a variety of structures from homes to businesses to the Plymouth Meeting Mall. With its proximity to I-476 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Harmonville first responders are also called to save lives along the highways.

The ideas for the new campaign, including the slogan “Honor. Family. Community,” were developed through a visioning session with members of the Harmonville Fire Company.  All felt strongly that these principles distinguished the volunteer experience with their station

“Harmonville has given me memories and experiences that will last a lifetime and forged friendships with many individuals,” said Lieutenant Justin Coogan.

“Originally, I started volunteering because of my son who is a junior firefighter,” said Julie Plotkin. “However, I am choosing to continue because I want to help people, save people, and be a part of an organization.”

Available volunteer opportunities include:

Firefighter—Fight fires and respond to other emergencies. All training and gear are provided at no cost.

Vehicle Rescue—Rescue people trapped in their vehicles during highway accidents. Training and equipment are provided.  Do what it takes to save lives.

Fire Police–Secure the safety of the public and of firefighters in an emergency situation. Fire police are responsible for directing the flow of traffic and crowds. Bringing calm to a hectic situation as a fire police member is the perfect way to assist “on the scene” without having to be part of the rescue or firefighting effort.

Junior Firefighter— The junior program is available starting to teens at 14 years of age. Junior Firefighters provide important assistance on fire calls or at the fire company, handling gear, apparatus, and the hose.

Administrative Volunteer— Allows members of the community to offer their administrative skills to assist the fire company with fundraising, acquiring grants, strategic planning, organizing community events, and paperwork.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Harmoville Fire Company here.

Photo: Dave Jackson