Halloween postponements in New England, but not Philadelphia region thus far

We had several people contact us yesterday asking if trick-or-treating was going to be postponed due to the forecast for rain, wind, and thunderstorms on Halloween (Thursday, October 31).

We hadn’t heard of such a move, but this morning we did some research to see what is happening around the region. We found that in the Boston area and in New Hampshire, a lot of places are postponing. That area has basically the same forecast as our region.

The mayor of Pottstown conducted an online poll as to whether to postpone trick-or-treating. 56% voted to keep it on October 31st.

In the Philadelphia region, some Halloween-related events are being postponed, but we can’t find one example of trick-or-treating being pushed back. The closest example we could find is Hammonton, NJ.

As we mentioned, we haven’t seen any mentions from the local municipalities on postponing Halloween, so as of now, plan for some rain.

And are they even the boss of Halloween?

We will let you know if anything changes.