Are We All Going to be Shown on Video Speeding and Running Stop Signs?

As we reported earlier this week, the Borough of Conshohocken is considering placing speed tables on West 6th Avenue due to the speeding that takes place, especially when coming off Colwell Lane. There are also concerns over drivers ignoring the stop sign at the intersection of  Colwell and West 6th Avenue.

According to a letter sent to residents of West 6th Avenue by council member Anita Barton, the issue is going to be discussed at the Wednesday, July 5th meeting of Borough Council. The meeting is at 7:00 p.m.

Today we saw a post on Nextdoor from someone who is a resident of West 6th Avenue and promises video showing people speeding and running the stop sign. The post reads:

Hi all, I wanted to inform you that the Council meeting in Conshohocken Borough is TOMORROW at 7pm. The topic of 6th Ave and placing 2-3 speed tables by Colwell Lane and Wood St will be talked about. We have been waiting DECADES for this moment! I live on W 6th and I believe we really need a speed table set up on our street. I will be at the meeting with footage of the numerous people that fly through the stop signs by Ardmore Tire/Colwell Lane and zoom down our road. We have so many children on the block now and I worry for their safety. Please attend the meeting whether or not you want to speak. The head count matters! I have attached the letter I received from the Council to this post. Please let me know if you can’t come but want to voice your concerns, I’ll be sure to let the Council know!

So is it possible you are on the video? Us? A member of Borough Council? It is probably almost everyone (at least the speeding part).

We will find out tomorrow. Keep you posted.