GoFundMe Page Set-Up for Cyclist Involved in Accident

Last week we reported on a traffic accident in Limerick involving a cyclist from Conshohocken. At the time, the cyclist was unnamed, but we can now report his name is Ed Eddinger. A GoFundMe page has now been set-up Eddinger’s friends to help him and his family while he recovers from a traumatic brain injury that resulted from the accident.

The GoFundMePage reads:

Ed Eddinger, a veteran, a man of honor, an avid cyclist with a deep love for his country is fighting for his life today. Ed Eddinger, a dear friend to many and father of two beautiful young girls desperately needs our help!

On November 8th, 2016; Ed was riding his bike home to take care of his girls when he was struck by a car in the early hours near Limerick, Pa.

This devasting accident has Ed fighting for his life & everyone praying for his recovery. With a traumatic brain injury, as you can imagine the medical bills add up. Doctors are hopeful that he can pull through this with his young age and great health prior to the accident. But they do believe that if he does pull through, it will be a very long road to recovery – including relearning many skills he had before. This could be days….months…or longer for Ed. Unfortunately, lost wages to support his little girls as well.

To donate click here.

Photo: GoFundMe.com