Full video of September 25th illegal motorcycle and four-wheeler ride through Conshohocken

A reader sent us a link to the Instagram account @oneway_jeff, who participated in and recorded a good portion of the off-road motorcycle and four-wheeler ride that came through Conshohocken on September 25th.

These rides create an issue for communities because the riders form a large group of vehicles that are not street-legal and police have taken a no-chase approach because of the potential for accidents and injuries. So basically, the riders have free reign to take over the streets.

Below is the video from the ride on September 25th. Note that we started it just before they reached Conshohocken. We did that because, as you will see, it shows some of the participating riders riding through people’s yards as they move from the Main Line to West Conshohocken and Conshohocken.

Once they reach the Matsonford Bridge, keep an eye out for the rider who is showing off and almost falls off of his bike and comes very close to crashing (if he hadn’t recovered, there is a solid chance he would have gone over the rail and off the bridge).

Once they go down East Hector Street they travel through Whitemarsh Township and back into Philadelphia.

We reached out to @oneway_jeff through Instagram and asked how the rides are organized, how the route is selected, and his feelings on the traffic violations being committed. He did not respond and blocked us.

Photo: Screengrab from Oneway Jeff’s video