Franzone’s seeking zoning relief to build deck

On the April 19th agenda for the Plymouth Township Zoning Board is an application from Franzone’s that involves it constructing a 17′ x 36′ outside deck (marked in red in the above image). Zoning relief is needed due to the loss of two parking spaces.

The agenda reads:

On an application for a Special Exception from Plymouth Township Zoning Ordinance No. 342, as amended, Article XVII, Section 1701 and Variances from Article XVII, Sections 1700 & 1700.D.5.

The Special Exception requested is as follows: To allow joint use of the parking areas at 1940 & 1950 Main Avenue.

The Variances requested are as follows: To allow two (2) parking stalls less than the required 9’x18’ dimension; to allow 46 parking spaces at 1940 Main Avenue, where a minimum of 76 spaces is required.

The properties are located at 1940 & 1950 Main Avenue in a “Commercial” Zoning District.

The deck, which would be at roof level, would seat 20 people and would have bathrooms and two parking spaces below it. To compensate for the new seating, Franzone’s would remove 20 seats on the inside (10 at the bar and 10 table seats).

The deck would include a bar with seating and tables. It would have a roof with sides that could be lowered during cold weather. While it would have a television, there would be no outside speakers and no live music.

On April 7th, the issue went before the Planning Agency for review and the members of the Planning Agency voted to recommend passage of the application by the Zoning Hearing Board.

The zoning meeting is virtual and will be held at 7:00 p.m. There is a link to join the meeting on the township’s website.

Below is the presentation from the Planning Agency meeting.