Four-course dinner in Conshohocken to feature American Wagyu. Learn about Wagyu and get tickets for this exclusive evening

Southern Cross Kitchen (8 East 1st Avenue, Conshohocken) is partnering with Jericho Mountain Beef to host a Wagyu Steak Dinner on Thursday, September 8th at 6:30 p.m. The four-course dinner will include specialty wine paired with each course. The menu is as follows:

First Course
100% PB Chateaubriand Carpaccio
Arugula, Lemon Olive Oil, Shaved Parmesan, Horseradish Aioli

Second Course
Rosemary & Garlic Marinated Delmonico
Truffled Mashed Potatoes, Veal Demi

Third Course
Wagyu New York Strip and Lobster Mac & Cheese
Grilled Asparagus with Roasted Tomatoes & Cilantro & Aioli

Fourth Course
Baked Alaska

Jericho Mountain Beef is a micro cattle ranch producing high-quality authentic American Wagyu and Angus beef on its farm in the rolling hills of Newtown, PA. If you are not familiar with the term Wagyu, it refers to Japanese beef cattle (“Wa” means Japan and “gyu” cow). During Japan’s Meiji Restoration period during the second half of the 19th century, the emperor encouraged some westernization of the country, and Wagyu were bred with European and other cattle from Asia until 1910.

Japan allowed the first Wagyu cattle to be imported to the United States in 1975. American Wagyu was almost exclusively exported to Japan through 2003 when it ceased importing beef due to the potential threat of a cattle disease. It was then that the American market for Wagyu was developed.

Wagyu were originally working farm animals due to their physical endurance. The cows developed more intra-muscular fat cells or ‘marbling,’ which provided a readily available energy source. This ‘marbling” is the key to Wagyu’s notable taste as there is fat throughout the cut, not just on the edges.

There are also health benefits that Wagyu has over traditional American steaks. From the American Wagyu Association:

Not only is it a gastronomic delight, but it’s healthy for you too. Health experts have discovered the mono-unsaturated to saturated fat ratio is higher in Wagyu than in other beef and, the saturated fat contained in Wagyu is different. Forty percent is in a version called stearic acid, which is regarded as having a minimal impact in raising cholesterol levels. The profile of marbled Wagyu beef is more beneficial and healthier to human health.

Wagyu is also higher in a type of fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Wagyu beef contain the highest amount of CLA per gram of any foodstuff – about 30% more than other beef breeds – due to higher linoleic acid levels. Foods that are naturally high in CLA have fewer negative health effects.

Tickets for this special dinner are $160 (inclusive of tax and gratuity) and can be purchased online.

Photo: Jericho Mountain Beef