For Fun | Someone is disappointed in the Wawa on Ridge Pike

This popped up in’s Rants & Raves this week. This person is not happy with the state of the newish Wawa on Ridge Pike in Plymouth Meeting.

For years 7-11 was where the losers and thugs went to hang out. Now they’ve taken over this Wawa.

I went for gas Friday night. Assholes were using the gas pumps for parking, preventing actual gas customers from filling up. Several assholes were standing by their vehicles socializing or playing with their smartphones or sitting in their car listening to music. One asshole arrived and raced through the parking lot.

This particular Wawa attracts a lot of the lowlifes from Norristown. In fact, that stretch of Ridge Pike from Norristown to 476 is a magnet for assholes with loud motorcycles and cars. Speed limit is 25 but assholes regularly do 40 or more. Plymouth police seem resigned to do nothing because I have never seen a single cop do a traffic stop there.

While we apparently don’t spend as much time at the Wawa as the poster, we can tell you that the police did attempt to make a recent traffic stop near the Wawa. The photo of the suspect who fled on a sportsbike has his coming out of the Wawa.