For Fun | From the mailbag

Last evening we received the below anonymous letter regarding our article on the proposed animal control ordinance that will be considered by Conshohocken’s Borough Council on October 20th.

Conshohocken is so behind the times! What year do you think it is?! PROHIBIT FEEDING FERAL CAT COLONIES? FERAL CAT COLONIES ARE A NUISANCE?! THE only nuisance are the jackasses who are proposing these Rules. Who the hell do you think you are? You have zero tolerance for the feral cats WHO ARE JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE IN A AWFUL HUMAN WORLD!! TRY TNR Have you the brains to know what that is?! What kind of authoritarian town \’leaders\’ do you think you are. NO PUBLIC IMPUT? IS THIS SOME GOOD OLD SUBSPECIES OF HUMAN CALLED MALES GROUP THING? GET INTO THE RIGHT CENTURY IDIOTS. ITS 2021 YOU bozos still spray pesticides & herbicides in parks where children & pets are. Jerkoffs

We emailed back to let the person know that Conshohocken’s Borough Council consists of five women and two men, and the borough manager is a woman. We did not receive a reply back.