Flanigan’s Boathouse First to Offer Wine To-Go in Conshohocken

Flanigan’s Boathouse just announced that it will start offering wine to-go on Friday, August 19th. Its initial selection will consist of 20 to 25 bottles. Customers can buy up to three liters per purchase.

We asked Bill Weber, the general manager of Flanigan’s Boathouse, why he sought the license. He stated, “It made sense because of the nearby BYOB’s and to create convenience for our existing beer to-go customers. Now they won’t have to leave downtown Conshohocken if they also want to buy wine.”

This type of license just became available as of August 8th. Thus far 84 licenses have been issued, mostly to grocery stores. You can see an entire map of the licensed locations by clicking here. Please note that just because they have the license, doesn’t mean they are selling wine yet.