Five Candidates Join Race for Colonial School Board

Five candidates have joined the race for Colonial School Board. The latest candidates are Cathy Peduzzi (pictured far left), Chris Epstein (second to left), Susan Moore (center front), Beth Patruno (second to right) and Beth Suchsland (far right). They are running under the banner of “Protecting Colonial’s Future.”

Previously, Democrats Felix Raimondo and Leslie Finegold, who currently serve as the president and vice president of the school board, entered the race. They held a fundraiser last Saturday that saw the local Democratic Party establishment attend.

Peduzzi and Moore are currently serving on the school board. Moore is a former president of the school board. Suchsland has previously served on the school board. Epstein and Patruno are first-time candidates. Peduzzi also previously served on Whitemarsh Township’s Board of Supervisors.

As you will see in their statement below, the five candidates under the “Protecting Colonial’s Future” are not going to seek the endorsement of either party.

For school board elections, candidates can cross-file and appear on the ballots of both parties.

There are five seats on the Colonial School Board up for election in 2019. The slate for “Protecting Colonial’s Future” has five candidates. Raimondo and Finegold, under the “Colonial Democrats for School Board” banner, have thus far only announced themselves as candidates.

Below is the announcement from “Protecting Colonial’s Future“:

There is nothing more important than the future of the school district we all call home.

That is why we are ecstatic to announce our ticket of five experienced, qualified, talented, and non-partisan candidates for the Colonial School District Board of Directors.

Cathy Peduzzi, Chris Epstein, Susan Moore, Beth Patruno and Beth Suchsland are dedicated to protecting Colonial’s future by putting students’ education and interests of the taxpayers above political agendas, and restoring the trust and confidence among the board, the community and district staff.

Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @protectcolonial. We’ll have lots going on between now and the primary election on May 21st. You’ll find us in the community, where we are more than happy to answer your questions and hear your concerns.

More to come.