First Hearing on Special Zoning District Four (SP-4) Scheduled for Tonight’s Borough Council Meeting

Tonight at 7:00 p.m. during the meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council there will be a public hearing on the creation of the SP-4 zoning district. What is the SP-4? The SP-4 is a proposed special zoning district that would allow for the hotel, larger office buildings, etc., at the property that sits between West Elm Street and West 1st Avenue from Fayette Street to Robinson Alley. The creation of the special district has already been approved by an advisory body, Conshohocken’s Planning Commission.

Montgomery County’s Planning Commission has also been supportive of rezoning this area, but does have concerns. We were able to obtain a memo that includes the concerns and the response to these concerns from the developer, Keystone Property Group.

Things to watch for:

  • Parking – How much parking will there be and how much is dedicated to pupblic use and what hours is that available.
  • Replication – The wording allows for the creation of other SP-4 districts in the Borough if certain conditions are met. This means that if a developer can put together, or already owns, the appropriate size property, you could see more taller buildings in downtown.
  • The Borders – A property included in the SP-4 district increases in value. There will be more available uses and the potential height greatly increases. Will neighboring property owners ask to be included in the special district? Could this grow out of control?

So if you are concerned about the redevelopment of Conshohocken, this hearing is for you. It will likely last more than one hearing.