First Effort to Rezone Lower Fayette Street Starts Tonight

On tonight’s agenda for a meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council there is a scheduled discussion and potential authorization by Borough Council to direct the Borough’s solicitor to begin work on creating a Special Zoning District 4. This new zoning district would be located along the western side of Fayette Street between West Elm Street and West 1st Avenue. Exactly how far back towards Maple it extends is not known, but we are told it includes the Saint Mary Parish property.

This new zoning district would be created to allow for the construction of 200′ buildings and permit a hotel within the zone (those are the biggies, there are likely a bunch of small things as well). The area is currently falls within the Commercial Zoning District and the height limit for buildings is 40′ and a hotel is not a permitted or conditional use. This project includes a 200′ hotel, two 200′ office buildings, some retail on the ground floor, a public square, parking and a rehab of the old fire house.

So if you support this, this is your opportunity to voice your opinion. If you do not support it, this is your chance to share this with Borough Council. The process won’t happen overnight and it will likely be on the agenda for several meetings. But tonight starts the process, and if the vote is affirmative, it will be hard to stop it.

Borough Council is likely to support this process, because they are the ones selling a portion of the land to the developer.