First business in Conshohocken announces intent to defy restrictions and reopen

Prime Intensity Training or PIT has decided to reopen on May 18th and defy the current restrictions put in place by Governor Wolf in response to the pandemic. We believe this is the first business in Conshohocken to make this move.

Here is the announcement sent by PIT via email:

It’s pretty clear that Governor Wolf doesn’t care how many small businesses shut their doors forever. Gyms going into the green phase may not start until August or September at this point.

But regardless, we are reopening starting Monday MAY 18TH!

We will be starting off with classes at 11:30 am! Please check Mindbody for our updated schedule! (Some zoom classes will be left on the schedule for those of you staying home.)

We will be starting off with a limited class schedule, limiting class sizes to 10 people per class, and sanitizing all equipment before and after each class. We will have latex gloves available and hand sanitizer available all over the gym. The in-betweens will be done on mats, and each person will go to the same mat every interval. All clients must wear masks. The doors will be up in Conshohocken and fans will be on to help with ventilation. Please take your temperatures before coming to the gym, and if you’re feeling sick, stay home.

We’ve made the decision to re-open our gyms early, because if we do not open now, we may never open again. You cannot expect a small business to close for 4 to 6 months and survive. We’re not sure many will. We are aware that some people may not agree with this decision, but we ask for your support – if you enjoyed coming to PIT before COVID-19, then we would hope you would still want PIT to be around when this is all over. It is not that we don’t take this virus seriously, but we aren’t left with any other choice at this point. We have always done what we thought was the right thing for us, our clients, and our instructors, and we feel very strongly that this is what we need to do so that we don’t lose the business that we have worked so hard to build over the past 10 years. We cannot simply accept defeat at this point. We have nothing else to fall back on. We do not have a contingency plan. We eat, sleep, and breathe PIT.

For those of you who choose to continue social distancing, please let us know when you’d like to come back and we will extend your packages. For anyone having trouble signing up now, please let us know so we can check your account.

Again, we apologize if it offends you that we are opening before we are “allowed” to. As we stated, we have no options. Either we open now or we close forever, but we simply cannot let that happen. We hope you understand that.

More to come.