Fireworks Ordinance and “Sale of (Sewer) System – Next Steps” on Agenda for Tonight’s Meeting of Plymouth Township’s Council

Plymouth Township’s Council meets tonight and two items on the agenda are a first consideration of a fireworks ordinance and the “Sale of (Sewer) System – Next Steps.” The meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Building off Belvoir Road.

As has reported, the fireworks ordinance is the result of a new state law that allows for the recreational use of fireworks. This past summer saw lots of complaints about people setting them off late into the night. There are already state regulations, but many municipalities are adding to those to limit times of use, etc.

The potential sale of the sewer system is an issue that grew of the township’s need to pay for renovations of its building. A change to state law in 2016 has driven many municipalities to sell their systems to pay for things that are usually covered by raising taxes (such as building renovations, new or renovated parks, etc). Over the weekend shared an article from that provided insight on how this impacts the customers of the sewer systems when it changes hands.

You can view the entire agenda here.