Firefighters responded to an under-construction apartment building on Conshohocken’s riverfront

Firefighters responded to a call today at 6:35 p.m. for a fire investigation at one of the two under-construction apartment communities along the Schuylkill River just upriver from the Matsonford Bridge. The building involved is called Matson Mill and is the one that is not adjacent to the bridge.

A source in the first responder community told that the call began as an investigation and upgraded to a building fire. The call originated due to a burning rubber smell. Firefighters discovered a tar pot on the roof that was left on and extinguished the fire. There is no report of any injuries.

Firetrucks rushing to a large under-construction apartment building bring back vivid memories of the massive fire in 2008 in Conshohocken when an acetylene torch was left on at an apartment community that was under construction. The first engulfed the construction site and jumped to the neighboring inhabited Riverwalk Apartments. You can find our multipart series on this fire here.

Photos and video: Kristin Sokel