Fire on Roof of Win Wah Building on 100 Block of Fayette Street

There was a fire on the roof of the Win Wah building on the western side of the 100 block of Fayette Street today. Emergency services reported the fire at 11:15 a.m. Eighteen emergency units responded to the fire (18 were noted on the county’s active incident report, five only made it to “enroute” status, so we aren’t sure if it just hasn’t updated or they were called off).

There was a ladder from a fire truck raised to a window in the apartment or office above Win Wah. The window was punched out. We were told that the fire originated on the roof, however, water carried throughout the entire building, including the basement. There were no injuries.

Please note that this article contains information we were told at the scene. It is not based on an official report.