Feel better from the comfort and safety of your home with telemedicine physical therapy

More people than ever are working from home, taking care of family, and often sitting in different workspaces or doing different activities. This could lead to muscle strain they have not experienced or result in having a flair-up of muscle or joint pain from the past.

For 30 years. I have worked as a Physical Therapist treating sprains, strains, muscle, joint or bone injury, neck and back pain, headaches, balance, and mobility issues.

With the onset of COVID-19, I have begun offering physical therapy services using video telehealth that allows you to receive treatment from the comfort of your home.

I offer a free initial phone consultation and same-day appointments. To start the process to begin your one-on-one personal physical therapy treatment visit PamPT and complete the response form.

Pam Schick, Physical Therapist