Family Photo Shoots with Real Reindeer at Gypsy Saloon on November 11th

Gypsy Saloon is offering families the chance for a photoshoot with a real reindeer on Sunday, November 11th.

The opportunity is described as follows:

Capture the wonder your children have when they meet Santa’s Reindeer……..A moment that your children will remember for a lifetime and so will you with our limited photo sessions available at Gypsy Saloon!

The photo session is $175.00 and will include digital prints of a family photo with a live reindeer and one of just the family.

There is a limit of one session per household (six people max). Other animals are not permitted for this photo session.

Group photos or multi-family shoots due to time constraints.

There will also be candid photo opportunities (the word is that Santa will be stopping by).

For all the details and to book click here.