Event – Valentine’s Day and Weekend at Gypsy Saloon

Gypsy Saloon is celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend by offering a special menu on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Their a la carte menu will also be available. The special menu is as follows:

Flash fried oyster sliders (3) with spicy chinese ketchup
on garlic crostini $14

Grilled asparagus roasted red peppers,
goat cheese, toasted almonds $10

Strawberries salad fried goat cheese, arugula, beets,
candy pecans, strawberries, orange blossom vinaigrette $10

Almond crusted striped bass sweet basil and pineapple broth,
sliced roasted beets, white rice $26

Baby lamb chops roasted plum tomatoes, white asparagus,
roasted grape, red wine sauce $32

Soft shell crabs spinach risotto,
roasted red pepper cream sauce $32

“T” bone steak bleu cheese mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus,
caramelized onions, brown sauce $45

Coffee crusted ahi tuna baby bok choy, curry cream sauce $26