Endorsed Democratic candidates in Conshohocken challenge primary opponents’ nominating petitions with mixed results

Last week, two endorsed Democratic Party candidates for Conshohocken’s Borough Council challenged the nominating petitions filed by their opponents in the Court of Common Pleas in Montgomery County in connection to statements of financial interests that are required to be submitted to the municipality where the candidates are running for office.

In Ward 2, first-time candidate Adrian Serna filed an objection to the court that long-time incumbent James “Ike” Griffin had filed his state of financial interest two days after the deadline. Serna’s petition was denied and Griffin will remain on the ballot for the May 18th primary.

In Ward 4, incumbent Anita Barton, and her husband Richard, filed an objection to the court accusing Martin Eckert of not filing a statement of financial interest. The judge sided with the Barton’s and Eckert was removed from the ballot for the May 18th primary.