Elected Montco Democrat Warns of Jason Salus’ Puppet Candidates

Current Whitpain Township Supervisor Ken Wollman (D) continues to warn the public about candidates and elected officials who are “puppet candidates” who will follow orders directed down from their political boss Jason Salus. This is Wollman’s second warning.

Wollman lost his re-election bid when he was eliminated in the May primary. He had previously been an endorsed candidate of the party, but had to run in 2019 as an unendorsed candidate. He claims he didn’t continue to receive the party’s endorsement because he wouldn’t follow the dictates of Salus, who is the elected Treasurer of Montgomery County and the Executive Vice-Chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee. If you live within the Colonial School District and are a Democrat, Salus is your local Area Leader.

The Facebook post from Wollman:

The full text of the Facebook post:

Good Morning. It is 50 days until the election in Whitpain on November 5th. I wanted to give you an INSIDERS opinion of what is at stake.

What is at stake, basically, is who controls the Board of Supervisors (and who controls the township).

We have two choices:
1) Residents/candidates who are independent and make their own educated decisions.
2) Residents/candidates who are puppets, some call them lap dogs, for a (pseudo) political boss out of Norristown named Jason Salus.

The independent candidates will make their decisions based on what is best for the residents of Whitpain Township.

The puppet candidates will follow orders directed down from their political boss only (Jason Salus). They could care less about the agenda of the residents of Whitpain Township. In fact, the agenda they will follow is the same agenda these people bring to each and every municipality they take over in Montco, it’s their playbook….and it NEVER has anything to do with the residents.

Don’t believe me. Ask your friends what happened when this alien agenda was brought to the Colonial School Board. Look at the Board of Supervisors in Whitemarsh or Plymouth. What they bring is NOT what we need or want in Whitpain.

This is what is at stake this November….whether or not Whitpain becomes another notch in Jason Salus’s XXXL belt….or not. I know I am VOTING!

PS: I did not win my primary election this year because I told Jason Salus, and his local lap dogs, to take his alien agenda and put it some place the sun does not shine. I told them my agenda is the agenda of the residents of Whitpain Township – they didn’t like that.

Wollman is not the first Montco Democrat to make this claim. Former Colonial School Board President Alan Tabachnick publicly claimed that there was pressure to reward donors by Salus (who is referred to as the “local Area Leader” in the linked article) and that not doing so came with the threat of not being endorsed in the next election.

Let us know in the comments if Salus’ hold on local Democratic Party politics concerns you.