El Presidente in Twitter feud with former Montco GOP congressional candidate

Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy (right), who is known as El Presidente, is usually focused on sports, but the pandemic has led him to make unboxing videos, reviewing frozen pizzas, and most notably day trading

His day trading, done under the name DDTG (Davey Day Trader Global) with the mantra “stocks only go up” has attracted a lot of attention.

Today, we noticed that Wolfpack Research and Portnoy were in a Twitter feud. Wolfpack has a local connection. It was founded by Dan David (pictured left at the top), who ran to represent most of Montgomery County in the House of Representatives back in 2018. His big issue was the economy and China. He lost to Madeleine Dean.

Below is some of the back and forth between the two:


Photos: Dan David (left) and Barstool Sports (right).