East Side Trash Pick-Up Tomorrow in Conshohocken

Tonight during a Borough Council meeting in Conshohocken we received an email from a reader asking about trash pick-up on the east side of Conshohocken that is scheduled for tomorrow. As you probably know, it is supposed to snow. Snow means the Borough’s Public Works Department is focused on snow removal.

However, due to the recent holidays, if trash isn’t picked-up tomorrow on the east side of Conshohocken, there will be a full two-weeks without trash removal.

During the meeting, we were sitting near the Director of Public Works Ray Sokolowski and asked him how to answer the question. He said that trash should be put out as normal and that the plan is to pick it up. During the course of the day, they may have to suspend trash pick-up to focus on the snow, but they plan to resume trash pick-up when the snow is under control.