Downtown Parking Drama in Conshohocken

Last night’s Borough Council meeting we learned that as of July 1st you will no longer be allowed to park for free after hours in the parking garage located at East 1st Avenue.  Please note that this does not involve the metered top floor, just the lower levels.  Oliver Tyrone Pulver, who owns the lot, requested that the Borough pay for about half of the recent repairs done to the garage.  The Borough does not believe it is required to pay for half and balked.  They then terminated the lease for the garage.

The Borough then went across Fayette to the owners of the parking garage on West 1st Avenue and secured the ability for free parking after 6:00 p.m. for those dining, etc., in the downtown area.  This means that a large contingent of people going to the restaurants on the east side of Fayette Street will now need to cross Fayette Street to get to enjoy a night out in Conshy.

Due to all of this, the issue has been raised that three restaurants have been guaranteeing the use of Pulver’s garage for its customers, but everyone’s customers have been using it.  The lease with Pulver was for $18,000 per year and three restaurants paid $500.00 each per month through the Borough.  There is now a movement to have all the businesses in the downtown area contribute.  Based on the discussion last night, there is no real way to make the businesses contribute, so they have to explore ways to gain the support of all the players involved.  Two businesses have already volunteered to contribute.

As you may remember, the new parking garage secured for your use is part of the redevelopment plan involving a hotel, larger office tower and eight story parking garage.  What will happen if that development is approved and that parking garage is out of commission for construction?  We will look into that.

Is Pulver going to allow his garage to sit empty after hours?  Still trying to find that out.  Stay tuned.