Dove Online Training helps you achieve your goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Dove Online Training is a fitness platform designed for you to work out in the comfort of your own home via online private training and or group classes all at an affordable rate. Get the help of a certified personal trainer to push and guide you in the direction of achieving a healthy lifestyle. 

Meet Kayla

So my journey began about five years ago. I was at a point where I was overweight and feeling depressed, I knew I needed a change. A lot of my workout routines started in my own home. I started with a basic workout but stayed consistent. While initially not seeing results I didn’t get discouraged and I continued to persevere. I’ve lost 85 lbs in total while losing weight and building strength and am in the best shape of my life. 

I began Dove Online Training with the vision to help others achieve their goals of helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle by designing a full-body workout using little to no equipment at all. Dove Online Training offers a variety of Strength and HIIT group classes, kids fitness classes, and virtual personal training. This allows you to get a full workout experience without having to leave your home. 

Working out has never been more convenient, skip the drive to the gym and simply open up your phone or laptop to get started today. Make sure to visit to sign up for a free consultation. Use Coupon Code “DOTFIT” to receive a free online HIIT & Strength Class. 

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