Don’t get lost in the crowd at your real estate company

Caroline Coladonato started her real estate career with a huge east coast company.

“Let’s call them Big & Bigger. They have 10,000 agents! But I never got the training, the coaching, or the help a newer agent needs.”

Caroline heard good things about RE/MAX Ready and met with Eric and Matt. 

“We connected right away. These guys are honest, down-to-earth people who started young, like me, and I knew they would do everything they can to help me succeed.” 

The biggest difference?

“Coaching, mentoring, leadership. That’s the difference at RE/MAX Ready. I talk to Eric and Matt all the time and learn more in an hour than in a year at my former firm. On this team, I can really be myself, and I’m growing all the time, confident in my success.”

Your message to agents looking for a change?

“Don’t get lost in the crowd. You can do this! Call Eric and Matt now! Why not work with amazing people who really like each other, support each other, and help each other succeed everyday.”