Dogs in Parks – How is Handled in Nearby Municipalities

A year ago this week we published an article on dogs being prohibited from Conshohocken’s parks (except for the pay to use and hurting Conshohocken Dog Park). We were discussing this the other day with someone and the person asked what other municipalities allow. Something also just happened in Ambler that brought the issue back into the news. So below is a rundown of what is allowed or not allowed in nearby municipalities:

Now when we say allow, we are generalizing. A leash is always required (unless specifically noted) and the owner is supposed to pick-up after the dog. Some of the municipalities have more detailed rules about keeping a certain distance from playground equipment and ball fields.

It appears that that townships, which are generally larger than boroughs, are more open to dogs in parks. Boroughs are generally more restrictive, which could be due to their size and thus smaller parks.

So do you think dogs should be continued to be banned from Conshohocken’s parks or should a solution be found to allow them to be walked in parks on a leash?

Let us know in the comments.