Dog Fight in Whitemarsh Leads to Owners Throwing Punches and Biting

The Times Herald’s police blotter has a story about two guys in Whitemarsh having a fist fight after their dogs were involved in an altercation. Here is the recap from the Times Herald:

WHITEMARSH — Shortly before 8 p.m. Aug. 4, police were called to the 4000 block of First Avenue for a reported fight. Upon arrival, police encountered the combatants; a 63-year-old man and a 54 -year old man, no longer fighting, but both showing signs of injury. They both agreed that the fight started when the younger man’s dog attacked the older man’s dog. After separating the dogs, they began to argue. The 54-year-old punched the 63-year-old in the face and in the ensuing tussle, the older man bit the younger man on the inside of his thigh.

After interviewing witnesses, police tried to arrest the man who threw the initial punch, but he resisted and had to be subdued. The older man suffered a broken nose. The younger man was transported to Mercy Suburban Hospital, where he was treated for the bite wound and administered an antibiotic before being returned to police custody. He faces charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct.