Diver Scallop Tasting Menu at Blackfish on July 15th

Every Tuesday Blackfish explores multiple preparations of a featured ingredient, complimented by the freshest flavors the seasons have to offer. On Tuesday, July 15th, the featured ingredient is Diver Scallop. Blackfish is a BYOB.

The four course menu is $45.00, plus tax and gratuity. Reservations are available online.

The menu is below:

Passion Fruit, Celery Leaf, Shiso, Tomato Seed

Avocado Tempura, Watercress, Pickled Pearl Onion, Finger Lime

Fresh Almond Milk, Baby Zucchini, Oregano, Yellow Curry

Key Lime Parfait: Macadamia, Tequila, Coconut