Dish of the Week | Pavarotti Antipasta | Pepperoncini Restaurant & Bar

Pepperoncini has been located at the corner of East Elm and Poplar Streets in the heart of Conshohocken since 2005. Known for its friendly corner bar atmosphere, Pepperoncini is a place that you can enjoy a casual happy hour with coworkers or an intimate private dinner with loved ones. Pepperoncini has something for everyone, from thin crust pizza to fresh seafood and steaks.

One of Pepperoncini’s most popular dishes is Pavarotti Antipasta. The dish consists of grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and served over imported buffalo mozzarella. It is topped with roasted plum tomatoes and finished with aged balsamic. This dish is perfect as a light lunch or appetizer and complimented by a glass of light and crisp Montafresco Prosecco.

Reservations at Pepperoncini are available online.

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