Did #PermitPatty Use to Live in Conshohocken?

It is summer, so its the season of municipalities closing down unlicensed lemonade stands and people calling the cops on a kid trying to make a buck. Alison Ettel of San Francisco went viral this weekend after she was caught on video calling the cops on a young girl selling water without a permit on the sidewalk outside her house.

So why are we writing about this on a site about the Conshohocken area? Apparently, Ettel use to live at the Plymouth Gardens Apartments on Butler Pike. We aren’t 100% sure, but there is ample evidence. First we saw this tweet about it:

As you can see, the Twitter handle mentioning Conshohocken doesn’t seem to be that reliable. We started googling and when you google her name and Conshohocken you do get results showing Conshy as former residence. Of course these could be wrong, but the current residence and other former residences do line up.

We are not 100% confident about this. As you can see there are overlapping dates on some of the residences. That could be because she was in college and one residence is that of a parent or parents and the other is where she lived while at school. The years for that situation do align.

Anyone remember her?