Development Wave – West Conshohocken Side of the River

On October 21st published an article that detailed the status of each large development approved or going through the approval process along Conshohocken’s riverfront.

Across the river in West Conshohocken, there is an approved office building and some other developments on our radar. Below is the breakdown.

No. 1 – 400 Barr Harbor, an office building from Equus
Location: 400 BarrHarbor Drive, along the riverfront in West Conshohocken.
Status: Approved, but not built.

The building is approved to be 210,603 square feet. You can view a very detailed website about the building here.

No. 2 – 1008-1010 Matsonford Road
Location: This six-acre property is along Matsonford Road and is an odd shape and it wraps around another property.
Status: It is currently going through the approval process to be developed as an automotive repair business.

The listing for the property on refers to the property as “the largest developable exit site along the Blue Route road system.”

No. 3 – Former Saint Gertrude Church property which is now owned by the Borough of West Conshohocken
Location: 209 Merion Avenue (the blue overlay shows the Saint Gertrude property. The red overlay shows an adjacent property also owned by the Borough)
Status: The Borough of West Conshohocken purchased the property in 2016 and thus far have not utilized the property. The Borough has sought input for the best use of the property (from Villanova University and the county), but there hasn’t been a mention in the minutes of any meetings in 2019 thus far as to what that use could possibly be.

No. 3 – Warehouse redevelopment of Johnson Mattey property by Novaya Foxfield Industrial
Location: 900 River Road in West Conshohocken (Upper Merion)
Status: A former chemical plant is going to be redeveloped as a warehouse hub.

No. 4 – Innovation from O’Neill Properties
Location: The GSK complex at 709 Swedeland Road in King of Prussia.
Status: It is in the leasing process. You can view a brochure for Innovation here.

This project is really a rebranding of existing buildings into a center for businesses focused on life sciences. The campus is 100 acres, with 60 in Upper Merion and 40 in West Conshohocken