Are the Developers of the Convenience Store with Gas Pumps Pulling a Ground Hog Day?

A member of the Conshohocken’s Planning Commission sent out a somewhat cryptic Tweet on August 14th involving the return of the Wawa issue in Conshohocken. See the Tweet below:

The person behind the Conshy.Org Twitter account is Brian Tobin, who serves on the Planning Commission. He confirmed to us that Provco, the developer behind the proposed convenience store with gas pumps at the Moore property, is on the agenda for the Planning Commission in September.

As we reported last month, the Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance, an organization against the proposed convenience store with gas pumps, was posting to social media that a “back room deal” was being made. The organization also questioned who currently owns the property. It believes that the developer had bought the property from the Moore family, but not filed the deed (which isn’t illegal). As of today, county records still show the property to be owned by the Moore family.

The application for the convenience store with gas pumps that was shot down by Conshohocken’s Zoning Hearing Board on August 10, 2016 is currently being appealed in court. Whatever comes before the Planning Commission in September 2017 would have to be a new application, unrelated to the one in the court.

The Planning Commission, which can only make non-binding recommendations to Borough Council, shot down an earlier application in January of 2013 by a vote of two to one. That application eventually went to Borough Council, which voted against it by a vote of six to one.

Since then both bodies have changed dramatically. Only one member of the Planning Commission from 2013 remains. That member is Tobin who voted no. On Borough Council, four out of the seven current members were not part of the previous vote against the application. All three members who remain voted no.

More to come.