Developer seeking special exception in East Norriton for a Wawa at Ray’s Diner and adjacent property

Provco, the developer behind the proposal to build a Wawa in Conshohocken, is going before the East Norriton Zoning Hearing Board on March 10th to seek a special exception to allow a “gas filling station” at 10 and 14 East Germantown Pike.

14 East Germantown Pike is the former Ray’s Diner. This property is included on the zoning application with the applicant Provco East Norriton, LLC. 10 East Germantown Pike has been a car wash and is owned by 10 East Germantown Pike, LLC.

In 2014, when Ray’s Diner closed, the Times Herald article about Ray’s closing mentioned Provco meeting with East Norriton officials as far back as 2012 about a Wawa at this location.

In 2017, Provco went before the Planning Commission, which recommended that the Zoning Hearing Board approve the special exception request (with some conditions).

One thing to note. In 2017, the 10 East Germantown Pike property was not part of the plan.

If approved, this would be the second Wawa in East Norriton.

Below is the zoning notice that ran in the Times Herald:

NOTICE The East Norriton Township Zoning Hearing Board will hold a Public Hearing at the East Norriton Township Municipal Building, 2501 Stanbridge Street, East Norriton, PA 19401 on March 10, 2020 commencing at 7:00 PM to consider the following Application/Appeal for relief under the East Norriton Township Zoning Ordinance of 2008 as amended, Chapter 205 of the code of the Township of East Norriton: Case #2020-02, 10 and 14 East Germantown Pike – Application/Appeal filed by Provco East Norriton. LLC and 10 East Germantown Pike, LLC for properties located in the C Commercial Zoning District at 10 and 14 East Germantown Pike (Parcel Numbers: 33-00-03076-005, 33-00-03079-002 and 33-00-03079-101) for the following relief: A Special Exception under Section 205-65(A)(10)(b) to permit a gasoline filling station use on the subject property. Copies of the Application/Appeal filed by the Applicant that will be before the East Norriton Township Zoning Hearing Board, including any plans and explanatory materials, may be examined by the public from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday thru Friday, at the East Norriton Township Municipal Building, 2501 Stanbridge Street, East Norriton, PA 19401. All persons who are interested have a right to be present and to be heard. Persons with a disability who wish to attend the above referenced hearing, and require auxiliary aid, service or other accommodation to participate in the hearing, please contact the Township Building at (610) 275-2800 Ext: 149. James C. Sullivan, PE Interim Zoning Officer NTH: 2/25, 3/3; 1a

The hearing will be on March 10th at 7:00 p.m. at the township building.