Democratic Party can’t figure out what to call its Colonial School Board candidates

Branding is important to a political campaign. Which makes it strange that the Democratic Party can’t figure out how to brand its candidates for Colonial School Board.

Its three candidates are Paula McCauley, incumbent Leslie Finegold, and Jamina Clay-Dingle. There are five seats up for election and the Democratic Party recently started lumping in Democrats Susan Moore and Cathy Peduzzi in with its three endorsed candidates.

Moore and Peduzzi, who have aligned themselves with three other candidates under the Protecting Colonial’s Future banner, have asked not to have their names and photos included on the party’s campaign literature, but their requests have been ignored. In the primary, the Democratic Party accused Protecting Colonial’s Future as a Republican front and used images of Trump on campaign mailers attacking the slate of candidates.

Back to the name change. Since February 2019, the endorsed slate of candidates has had four names. Below is a timeline of the changes:

We aren’t sure what to make of it. The last change was made on October 30th, just six days before the November 5th election. It doesn’t seem like something that would be done unless there is a grave concern.