Democratic Party Boss Jason Salus Went Door to Door Campaigning for Two Former Republicans in 2015

Earlier today we published an article about how the Colonial Democrats have erased from its website three elected Democrats on the current Colonial School Board. If you haven’t read that article, do so first, as it will give a lot of background on what we delve into below.

The same article also mentions how the Colonial Democrats’ Facebook page is running a sponsored post attacking fellow Democrat Susan Moore, who was a Republican prior to the 2015 election. During the 2015 election, Moore ran as an endorsed Democrat and currently serves on the Colonial School Board.

As we pointed out, it wasn’t just Moore who was a former Republican. Like Moore, Mel Brodsky had switched parties prior to the 2015 election and ran as an endorsed Democrat. He currently serves on the board but is not running for re-election.

In 2015 Moore and Brodsky ran under the banner of Moving Colonial Forward with Cathy Peduzzi, Leslie Finegold and Felix Raimondo.

The Colonial Democrats are lead by Jason Salus. Salus serves as the Area Leader for the communities within the Colonial School District, as Executive Vice-Chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee and is elected as Treasurer of the Montgomery County. He plays a leading role in who the party endorses locally.

As you can see in the photo at the top of this article, Salus actively campaigned for the election of two former Republicans. If you look at the printed flyer being held up, Moore’s name is right on top. This came from Salus’ own Facebook page. He was so proud of supporting Moore and the others he posted about it.

Salus also supported the two former Republicans financially. His political action committee, Friends of Jason Salus, donated $1,000 to Moving Colonial Forward. You can view this donation here (page 13).

As you can see, both with time and money, in 2015 Salus actively backed two former Republicans running as Democrats for the Colonial School Board.

Now he wants you to think being a former Republican is an issue.

More to come.

Photo: Jason Salus’ Facebook page