DeMedio Realty Group Offers Residential and Commercial Property Management (Sponsored Content)

In 2013, The Times Herald reported that a new ordinance covering residential rental properties would go into effect in Conshohocken in 2014. This new ordinance places new responsibilities on property owners. Other communities have or are considering adopting similar ordinances. From the Times Herald regarding the Conshohocken ordinance:

The ordinance established permit fees and inspection fees for each apartment, required landlords to have a resident agent within 12 miles of the leased building and provided penalties for landlords if tenants violate a detailed list of conduct.

So landlords are now responsible for the conduct of its tenants. What does this entail? From the Times Herald:

The borough manager can revoke a rental license if the property violates the borough property maintenance requirements by being in “a substantial state of uncleanliness, disorder or disrepair; any property substantially damaged by fire, flood or other natural disaster; any property determined to be uninhabitable by the code enforcement officer or any property which is occupied by a tenant who has engaged in any or all of the following conduct — drug possession, sale or use; underage consumption and/or possession of alcohol; illegal possession or discharge of firearms; possession or use of fireworks or other incendiary or noisemaking devices; possession of noxious chemicals or materials; untimely or excessive noise or disturbance caused by voices, radios, stereos, televisions, tools, machinery, equipment, motorized vehicles or animals.”

A landlord’s rental license can be revoked for three years but an appeal of the revocation can be made to a hearing officer. A landlord with a revoked license cannot hold a license for “any new or additional rental property for a period not less than three years.”

If you are a landlord that requires the tenant to mow the grass and trim the weeds, your rental license could not be in jeopardy if you do not monitor the property on an ongoing basis to ensure it is being done. While every landlord hopes they have selected the perfect tenant, you are now responsible for the behavior of your tenants. Are you doing the most thorough background check?

The DeMedio Realty Group has been operating at the same location on Fayette Street since 1944 and has always been a family owned company. We provide a full service Brokerage Department for the sale and leasing of all types of real estate and a fully staffed, 24 hour, seven days a week Property Management Department. We manage residential, commercial, industrial and retail real estate.

As a client, we would help alleviate concerns about these type of ordinances, by:

  • Complete vetting of potential tenants including employment, full financial credit check and criminal background checks
  • Verify current leasing arrangements (make sure the grass is mowed)
  • Schedule and attend all inspections
  • Negotiate on landlord’s behalf for any inspection issues or required work

Plus, we do the following:

  • Determine fair market rental value
  • Property or unit listed for lease thru office websites on residential and commercial real estate websites like LoopNet or CoStar and TREND.
  • Preparation of professional PA Association of Realtor’s Approved Leases. Said leases are reviewed and updated every year.
  • Manage all escrow/security deposit accounts
  • Keep current list of all contractors that are available 24/7 to work on properties
  • Maintain good working relationship with all municipalities to handle use & occupancy issues
  • Schedule and attend all inspections
  • Contact person for all Tenant related issues i.e., repairs, emergencies, payments
  • Order work done on properties and discuss scope of work with Landlord. Negotiate costs on behalf of Landlord
  • Collect rents on monthly basis
  • Pay bills for property
  • Distribute net rent to Landlord
  • Yearly reconciliations for taxes
  • 24/7 hot line for emergencies after hours, weekends & holidays.

We manage residential properties as small as studio apartments and up to duplexes, multi-unit apartment buildings and single family homes. Commercial management accounts include small offices to large office complexes, shopping centers, restaurants, banks and industrial warehouse sites, and many retail uses.

If you are interested in discussing your rental properties and the services we offer, please contact us at (610) 828-0910.