Cyber Monday Discount on Conshy Cards, Conshy-Centric T-Shirts, Mugs and More

Today is Cyber Monday and you can save 10% all day in the Store. Below are just some of the items available in the store. Please note all the merchandise is available in a variety of colors.

To shop and save the 10% click here and use  promo code MONDAY.


Conshy Cards

Conshy Card holders receive discounts at 50 local businesses including Edwards Freeman Nut Co., Flanigan’s Boathouse, Southern Cross Kitchen, Gypsy Saloon, Brunch, Dr. Detail, Bowe’s Exxon and more. For example, spend $25 at Edwards Freeman Nut Co. and receive 10% or $2.50 off. Conshy Cards are $25 and good for 12 months. It pays for itself!

Alan Wood Steel Co. Merchandise

Alan Wood Steel Co. was a historic Conshohocken steel company that we remember today with a collection of t-shirts, a sweatshirt and a mug. This is a great gift for anyone who grew up in Conshohocken or appreciates its history.


Conshy Ballet Merchandise

Seventh Heaven, an adult cabaret, was always known to locals at the Conshy Ballet and we celebrate it with a t-shirt, mug and more. If you ever went, you need the t-shirt!

Last week they knocked down the building that was its home since the early 1990’s.

Lee Tire Merchandise

This is another item that is perfect for someone who grew up in Conshohocken or appreciates the history. Lee Tire had a long history in Conshohocken and was known around the world.

Did you know that the Conshohocken Curve use to be called the Lee Tire Curve?

Wawa’s Corn Fritters

During the Eagles run to the Super Bowl, Saturday Night Live had a skit that mentioned Wawa’s Corn Fritters located “just outside Conshohocken.” So we of course made a t-shirt.

Conshy Irish

We have a bunch of different shirts that celebrate Irish heritage in Conshohocken These are perfect to wear for the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Conshy.

This is our biggest collection with several different shirts and messages.

It’s Always Sunny in Conshohocken

Perfect for any fan of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” who lives in or grew up in Conshy with their own gang.

These shirts are a great conversation piece!



Our “Made in Conshy” onesie is very popular gift for Conshy-bred newborns. Almost all of our other designs are also available as a onesie.

Perfect for the Conshy baby!