Custodian Saves Baby Chicks After Storm Knocks Out Power at Plymouth Elementary School

The power was knocked out at Plymouth Elementary School on Tuesday late in the afternoon due to the storms passing through. While no students were at school, there were 36 recently born baby chicks who were relying on warmth from lights (that need power).

Custodian Hank Freels (pictured right) saved the chicks from a cold night and potential death. “It was about 5:30, and the chickens were starting to not look too good. So I took them home, plugged in the lights, and brought them back in the morning,” said Custodian Hank Freels. “I wanted to make sure they were back the next day before the kids knew there was anything different, like nothing happened.”

The students were learning about baby chicks as part of the kindergarten science curriculum. The chicks, from Quiver Farm in Pennsburg, are in the classroom for two weeks. During that period, the eggs hatch and the students observe the chicks grow feathers before they are taken back to the farm.

“It was so above and beyond for Hank to take the chicks home, and we’re forever grateful,” said kindergarten teacher Rachel Handis. “They were just born. They probably would not have made it through the night.”

They’re very cute, and they sound very noisy,” said kindergartener Anna Hartel.

“And now they’re so fluffy,” added kindergartener Zachary Pedemonti.

Photos: Colonial School District