Covanta to Conduct Planned Maintenance on July 25th

Covanta is going to conduct maintenance at its “renewable energy facility” on Thursday, July 25th. The facility has had some two or three unplanned shutdowns over the past eight months, which has brought new scrutiny to the facility and the whole issue of burning trash.

Below is the notice from the Borough of Conshohocken:

The Borough of Conshohocken has received notice that the Covanta Plymouth Renewable Energy Facility at 1155 Conshohocken Road, will be conducting maintenance tomorrow 7-25-19.

This includes shutting down one boiler which will result in additional noise/steam with other boilers acting in higher capacity between 6-8 AM. The boiler shut down will be brought back-up by 4pm. We were told that there may be additional noise at these times. DEP is aware of this planned shutdown

There may also be Covanta representatives walking selected residential streets monitoring any complaints of noise and/or odors. They should be walking in pairs with Covanta identification.

For further questions, please contact Covanta directly.