Covanta back on the agenda for Conshohocken’s Borough Council

An agreement with Covanta is back on the agenda of Conshohocken’s Borough Council. This time it is for an addendum to the existing agreement. Covanta burns Conshohocken’s trash and is located just across the border in Plymouth Township (near Ikea). Since the issues at the plant have been in the news, several municipalities, including Conshohocken, have tabled signing a new agreement.

From the agenda:

Consider approving an addendum to the Solid Waste Disposal Agreement with Covanta Plymouth

Remember that transparency pledge we asked all the candidates to sign? Here is another example of why it is necessary.

The text above is the only thing shared with the public prior to the meeting. There is no way you can know what the addendum involves. The only way to find out is to go sit through a two-hour meeting and you may find out it isn’t something that concerns you. You could file a right-to-know, but the time involved means you probably wouldn’t receive it until after the meeting is held.

The pledge required attaching these items to the agenda so the public could be better informed.