County Commissioner Joe Gale Accused of Intimidation by Potential Candidate in Republican Primary

Republican Mike Vereb, a former West Conshohocken police officer and a former state representative, posted a video from last week’s forum for Republican candidates for County Commissioner. Vereb, who is a former head of the Montgomery Republican Party, is currently the
Director of Government Affairs for Pennsylvania’s Attorney General.

In the video, a person who considered running for County Commissioner, Merry Woods (R), explains why she decided not to run. During this, she provides details about a phone conversation with current County Commissioner and incumbent candidate Joe Gale (R), who she claims attempted to intimidate her. Note that she doesn’t name Gale, just refers to the “incumbent.” She also states that she made her decision about not running prior to the call with Gale.

This video is very hard to hear, so turn up the volume.

We asked Gale about this today and received back the following response:

It’s Fake News being propagated by a defunct GOP that is trying to cling on to relevance in Montgomery County. It’s straight out of the political swamp’s playbook on how to run a smear campaign: Throw it on the wall and see what sticks.

That’s what they do to President Trump and that’s what they do to me.

It’s because I speak out against the collusion between the political parties, donors and special interests. At Thursday’s Commissioners meeting, I went into detail about it:

In the above video (jump to the four minute mark) Gale addresses the Republican Party establishment in Montco and brings Vereb. Note that the video was recorded on February 6th, the day after the Woods addressed the candidate forum.

The primary should be interesting.