County Commissioner Dresses Down Congressional Candidate. Tells Him to Leave the Race

Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh (D) took to Facebook on April 14th to share her views on the Democratic Party primary for Congress in the 4th Congressional District. The race currently features State Representative Madeline Dean, gun control advocate Shira Goodman and former County Commissioner and Congressman Joe Hoeffel.

Watch the video below:

In the video states that she doesn’t believe a candidate should win due to high name recognition. She then basically takes apart Joe Hoeffel by criticizing his tenure as a County Commissioner and Congressman. She states that “Joe really seems to like to run for office, but not necessarily govern once he gets there.” Ouch.

A few things we would like to point out:

  • If Hoeffel wins the primary, Arkoosh has basically created the commercial for the Republican candidate
  • By saying that she thinks Hoeffel could win on name recognition alone, she is implying that she doesn’t believe voters (Democratic Party primary voters at that) don’t make an effort to educate themselves on the options
  • Her video seems to have split the party and made some people really angry. One example. Jules Mermelstein wrote in a comment on Facebook under the video, “This is beneath you, Val, and beyond the pale. Don’t ever look my way for support. I have not endorsed Joe in this primary, but in dealing with him for years (we were in Young Democrats together before he ever ran for office), I can attest to his dedication to progressive principles (the first time I heard an attack on corporate welfare was from Joe’s mouth). As far as I know, he has been ethical and above-board in all his dealings. You are the disgrace. Please leave our party.” (read all the comments here)
  • While Arkoosh encourages Hoeffel to get out of the race, she has thus far chosen to not endorse either of the other two candidates

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Photo: Screengrab from Arkoosh’s video on Facebook