Correction | Parking lot, not grass area along the riverfront in Conshohocken proposed for residential redevelopment

We have to make a correction to a previous article regarding a zoning application that seeks to construct a residential community on Conshohocken’s riverfront. We got the property wrong. We will explain below.

The property involved is not the large grass area near the helipad but is an adjacent property that fronts Washington Street which is currently a parking lot. We have marked this property with an x.

The grass area, which consists of two parcels, changed hands in 2018. An LLC associated with Terra Capital Partners now owns the property. There is not a current zoning application or plan for development involving the grass area that we are aware of.

That is the only correction from the previous article. Everything else in the article was correct such as the recent change to the zoning code that removed residential uses and the developer involved.

During the May 4th meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council, there was a discussion about the zoning application, which we can now report involves 78 residential units. The members of the borough council voted unanimously to send the borough’s solicitor to the hearing about this application to oppose it.

As has reported, the borough council voted to remove residential uses from the riverfront due to concerns about the impact of the thousands of new residents over the next few years as the under-construction and already approved apartments are completed.

More to come.