Conversation on Feral Cats, Outdoor Cats and Donald Trump in Plymouth Meeting

Feral and outdoor cats running loose have come up twice recently in our travels. The first was at a somewhat recent meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council where a property owner in Conshohocken asked the Borough for help in dealing with the cats that find their way onto her property. Traps were suggested, but a member of the Conshohocken Police Department voiced concern on that method stating it was more likely to catch a skunk. The meeting ended with the Borough saying they would look into organizations that can come in and remove the cats.

Last night a different person brought up the same topic on TalkinPlymouth, a Facebook group for residents of Plymouth Township. As usual with the Internet, it got kinda crazy.

The original poster stated:

Just a friendly warning, I have contacted the SPCA and although I have to pay they will be willing to come out and set live traps for any cats that are on my property. I do not intend to injure or harm them in anyway but I am tired of cleaning up after them and have them destroy my property. If you know anyone or you yourself let your cats Outdoors please take note your cat will more than likely be at the SPCA. If you have a problem with it you are more than welcome to come to my house and clean out the poop from my horseshoe pits. If you feel that cat should be a neighborhood pet I would like to get a dog to roam free as well

A fellow member of the group expressed frustration with the cat problem:

They are destroying my horseshoe pits too. They must hate horseshoe!

Another person drops with what will happen to the cats:

SPCA will put the cats down, but something has to be done, they are way too many.

The first cat person chimes in:


Another person suggests that people are the problem as they put food out for the cats:

Actually people that keep feeding the cats are drawing more skunks in with the food they leave out. How about instead of you having to pay the spca and deal with all this aggravation, people just stop feeding these strays.

Then someone cracks a joke about cat people:

They refuse, the cats came over on the mayflower and are all of our pets

At this point someone else enters the conversations and offers a bunch of suggestions on how to deal with the cats. He also threatens to start posting photos of people who don’t pick up after their dogs.

The original poster describes how the cats are using his horseshoe pits as bathrooms, which leads him to believe that the cats are litter box trained and thus not feral.

This is where it gets crazy. The first cat person mentioned above, drops in with:

So are you an expert on cat poop?

The original poster asks if she is the owner of a cat that is left outside and she responds with:

no but I’ll stand up for any animal before anymore morons

And then:

Why trap cats that aren’t yours and take them somewhere? Do you take the birds that poop on your car? Or the squirrels? Or the rabbits?

The original poster than asks:

Can we get some neighborhood dogs?

Someone else chimes in with:

No if you do that with a dog it’s considered illegal bc it’s not on a leash

Discrimination I tell ya

The original poster is back with:

Ill just bring home the ones (dogs) i find at work and let them free in the neighborhood. They can be for everyone.

We can have feral dog colonies too. Ill build dog houses in random peoples yards

Then the cat person brings up Trump (the original poster has a picture of Trump as his profile picture):

Or call trump maybe he can help

The original poster responds with:

Trump is busy making america great again and is doing a hell of a job. Ill handle this on my own. Thanks

Someone else has an issue with the cats because the cats sit on her patio furniture and her husband is allergic to cats. She wants to know:

Did Donald trump make him allergic to cats?

Then there were a few cat photos and video from last night of a cat trying to get into a guy’s trashcan. Please note we didn’t include every comment.