Construction set for stormwater improvements for Westway and Fields drives in Lafayette Hill

During its June 10th meeting, the Whitemarsh Township Board of Supervisors authorized the award of the construction contract for the Westaway Drive Stormwater Improvements Project. The project will add a stormwater collection and conveyance system along Westaway Drive from Fields Drive to Germantown Pike. 

The new system would consist of approximately 2,660 linear feet of stormwater piping, 9 manholes, and 27 inlets. Construction is expected to commence in July 2021 and should take approximately six months to complete.

According to the township, there isn’t any stormwater infrastructure for these two roads and the new system will help collect stormwater coming from Germantown Pike and from an existing detention basin that currently discharges directly onto Fox Lane. 

The area floods after major storms. Below is a video of flooding at this intersection after a July 2020 storm.